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 Flashdoggydogg's "Poke'morphs - The RP"

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PostSubject: Flashdoggydogg's "Poke'morphs - The RP"   Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:10 pm

Quick background info:
This is one of the longest lasting and most popular RP plots I have ever started. Don't be surprised if you find it elsewhere.

Approximately 15 years ago, Team Rocket made the hugest biological discovery so far known. They discovered that human and Poke'mon DNA combined to create a new embryo, an anthropomorphic Poke'mon which could not evolve. They named them Poke'morphs, and tried to use them for their own purposes.
Not long later, the Poke'morphs rebelled against them, wishing for freedom. Most managed to escape, some did not make it, other did not try to escape.
After rebelling against Team Rocket, the Pokemorphs found a more or less normal life in a forest. After about a year, however, Team Rocket found them and started abducting some of the Pokemorphs. A small group of Pokemorphs is now trying to resist Team Rocket and stop all this.
That is were we come in.

You can enter as the following:
A "Hero" Poke'morph, the ones fighting for their freedom and for their abducted friends,
A "Villain" Poke'morph, one fighting for Team Rocket, or for themselves,
A Member of Team Rocket
A Human, fighting for the "Hero" Morphs, or being neutral.


Zarla's Poke'morphs

^ There is a good link for pictures of morphs. You can also go search for your own, or make some. I did NOT create these.



My Characters:

Name: Raichu, but it's fully Dark Raichu. he prefers to be called DR. (D R, not doctor, D R)
Gender: Male
Attacks: Dark Thunder, Dark Thundershock, Dark Thunderbolt, Dark Volt Tackle, Dark Swift, Dark Thunderpunch.
Other: His attacks are, due to a slight birth defect, "Dark" (Thus his name) and slightly more powerful than normal Raichu attacks. However, he has some recoil.
History: He doesn't like to go into it.
Alignment: Hero Morph

Name: Dras
Appearance: Just, without the gun.
Gender: Male
Attacks:Hydro pump, ice beam, surf, hyper beam.
Other:Has excellent aim.
History: He was "Born" in a facility in Veridian City, and lead the rebelling there. After meeting up with a group from Pewter City, where he met and became friends with DR.
Alignment: Hero Morph

Name: Tyler
Gender: Male
Attacks: Hyper Fang, Quick Attack, Crunch, Suck Punch, Scary Face.
History: The knife wielding psychopath, he was "Born" in the same facility as DR. He, quite frankly, wants to see the world burn and wants dance in people's blood.
What else can he do to kill a Saturday night?
*Doesn't work for Team Rocket*
Alignment: Villain Morph

Name: Fate
Gender: Female
Attacks: Metronome, Double Slap, Pound, Growl, Focus Punch.
Other: "Miss Bossy McBossypants"
History: Being brought up by Team rocket, she has remained loyal to them, helping re-capture the Pokemorphs. She's very gruff and orders people around a lot.
Yes, she is a Clefairy.
She currently leads a force of Team Rocket members, some human, some Morph, in recapturing the Hero Morphs.
Alignment: Villain Morph
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PostSubject: Re: Flashdoggydogg's "Poke'morphs - The RP"   Sat Mar 07, 2009 8:04 am

Can I be

Name: Pock
Appearance: (Not my pic)
Gender: Male
Attacks: Recover, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Tri Attack, Nasty Plot
History: After being TR's computer programmer, Pock decided enough was enough (TR kept looking at Poke Pron...). He left TR using his powerful Tri Attack and is now roaming the land, inventing things. And yes he's a porygon.
Alignment: Hero Morph
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PostSubject: Re: Flashdoggydogg's "Poke'morphs - The RP"   Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:16 pm

Teh awesome.
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PostSubject: Re: Flashdoggydogg's "Poke'morphs - The RP"   

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Flashdoggydogg's "Poke'morphs - The RP"
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